• Your Best Tool to Play Around with Color

    Built for Creators - InstaPick

  • The Best Color Tool - InstaPick

    Your color is just a click away

    With ColorKing, InstaPick can scan different materials and send its surface color to compatible Apps.


    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign* and Expresii* are supported.

    Both color and hex code are displayed in ColorKing and ready to be used.

    Upgrade from ColorKing to ColorKing Plus for supporting Pantone color 11 libraries.

    Supports up to 16 millions of color.
    *Support only for Windows.

  • Eye-to-eye Color Converter

    The Best Color Tool for Creators

  • Using Color to Tell Stories

  • Instant Color Picker

    Discover the most inspired color from the real world

  • InstaPick Hardware Spec.

  • InstaPick Color Plan

    Get InstaPick and make color collection easily

    InstaPick and ColorKing are the best color mates


    InstaPick + ColorKing

    USD 60


    Supports Windows 10 / MacOS

    Screen Color Capture

    * ColorKing is included


    InstaPick + ColorKing Plus

    USD 80


    Supports Windows 10 / MacOS

    Screen Color Capture

    Digital Pantone Libraries

    * ColorKing Plus is included

  • Applications

    ColorKing / ColorKing Plus


    ColorKing is an App that can send or transfer color to other utility Apps. It will save you time from guesting the right color to pick from the computer. By using screen color capture, you can also pick any color from the screen. The color hex code can also be used in most applications.
    ColorKing can send the color directly to Photoshop / Illustrator for your usage.


    ColorKing Plus

    ColorKing Plus is the advanced version of ColorKing which includes digital Pantone libraries. With Pantone libraries, the color matching system will display four of the most closed colors while picking a color.
    The matching system can save you up to 10 times of time from finding Pantone Code in the traditional method.

  • ColorKing & ColorKing Plus

    Find out the Difference

  • ColorKing Plus

    PANTONE Digital Color

  • Benefits of Using InstaPick and ColorKing

    What You See Is What You Get

    Works on Most Physical Material

    InstaPick Is the Best Pal with Color

    Get Inspired from This Colorful World

    Favorite Color Is Just a Click Away

    Utilize any Color from the Screen

  • Compatible Apps with ColorKing

    ColorKing can send any color instantly to compatible Apps without installing any extra plug-in

  • Works on Photoshop

    No more crazy slide the color sliders to find colors, let ColorKing do the hard works for you

  • Works on Illustrator

    Within one touch, favorite color is on your hand

  • Demo of using InstaPick

  • Works on Expresii

    Truly natural ink with colors

    *Support only for Windows.

  • How Does InstaPick Work?



    Pair InstaPick to System via Bluetooth


    Download App

    Download ColorKing or ColorKing+ App


    Enjoy Color

    Best of What you see is what you get Color Tool

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    InstaPick - Instant Color Picker
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    The Best Tool to Play Around with Color - InstaPick

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  • FAQ

    User Manual

    Please download user manual here.

    What platform and operating system do InstaPick apps support?

    Windows 10 and later / MacOS 10.14 and later

    How long can the battery of InstaPick last under normal usage?

    InstaPick can be used to absorb 100,000 times. Standing by, the battery can last up to 600 days.

    How many colors can InstaPick identify? And on what materials?

    InstaPick can identify more than 16,000,000 colors. Besides wind, liquids, electricity, fire, glass and reflective materials, InstaPick can be used on all other materials.

    What are precautions to take in order to use InstaPick safely?

    When using InstaPick, please stay away from any source of fire, electricity, liquids such as water, juice, or milk, gas stoves, microwave ovens, and toasters, etc.

    How long is the product warranty time?

    It carries a one-year warranty for non-human factor failure. For the Taiwan area, it begins with the invoice date; for overseas buyers, please provide the serial number, such as Insta_XXXX, marked on your product or warranty cards to find out.